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Taggin’ Tweets #ForReal

Tagging tweets isn’t just for the average Tweeter…Everyone should and needs to utilize this conversation piece.

Tagging a tweet (top 10 trending or not) helps you launch not only your tweet, but yourself into the conversation.  Hash tagged tweets are an easy way to gain followers on the given topic you tweet.

I for example tweet frequently about public relations, social media and marketing.  By hashing those 3 things (shortening public relations to PR) I have gained many valuable followers who I chose to follow back because they are leaders in the industry.

So not only does it help stimulate conversation, but it can also stimulate possible network connections for the future.

Don’t be afraid, throw a hash tag in the start, middle or end of your tweet and watch the world of social media do it’s magic and help network you to people in your area of interest around the globe!

Happy Birthday Like Button

Facebook’s Like Button Celebrates Its First Birthday #SocialMedia

The innovation the Facebook’s like button was a marketers dream!  Being able to track the number of people who “like” a link or post is brilliant.  In the year it has been around, many people have utilized it and many have urged for a dislike button.

A dislike button can equate to virtual bullying, so I understand why Facebook didn’t give the people what they wanted on that.  Although it could be positive in regards to marketing so marketers know when a campaign isn’t working.

That also could be a problem because dislikes could be looked at as bad PR.  Having your product disliked for the entire virtual world to see is a nightmare, and Facebook spares us that.

All in all Facebook made the right choice with it’s Like button, I mean, it even caught Google’s eye! +1 button anyone?

My new website

Just a quick blog for today.  A big thank you going out to my brother, John Rappel, for building my website. was launched yesterday and will be continually updated with blog posts, as well as my twitter feed.  I will update my experience and qualifications as need be.  Once again that’s

The Power of Foursquare

Foursquare can be a HUGE marketing key to any business, large or small.  Having been using Foursquare for about 3 months now, I can’t see an end to the FREE FREE FREE advertising it offers!
For a business to set up their own Foursquare account is free.  And every time someone “Checks In” to their business it’s free advertising!  The majority of users have their Foursquare linked to their Twitter and/or Facebook.  This means that ONE check-in is seen by hundreds, if not a thousand people!
The benefits of that could be huge.  The person’s Facebook friends most likely have some of the same interests, so seeing that their friend is at a business, it may spark them to go check it out too.
Same goes with Twitter.  And as more people go, it will turn into a battle of Check-Ins as people want to become Mayor (most Check-Ins at a location) and increase their point total to beat their friends. 
The competition of Foursquare leads to more Check-Ins, and therefore, more opportunities for FREE advertising!