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The Power of Foursquare

Foursquare can be a HUGE marketing key to any business, large or small.  Having been using Foursquare for about 3 months now, I can’t see an end to the FREE FREE FREE advertising it offers!
For a business to set up their own Foursquare account is free.  And every time someone “Checks In” to their business it’s free advertising!  The majority of users have their Foursquare linked to their Twitter and/or Facebook.  This means that ONE check-in is seen by hundreds, if not a thousand people!
The benefits of that could be huge.  The person’s Facebook friends most likely have some of the same interests, so seeing that their friend is at a business, it may spark them to go check it out too.
Same goes with Twitter.  And as more people go, it will turn into a battle of Check-Ins as people want to become Mayor (most Check-Ins at a location) and increase their point total to beat their friends. 
The competition of Foursquare leads to more Check-Ins, and therefore, more opportunities for FREE advertising!